The Top 10 Diets That Work

top 10 diets

If you are on a mission to lose weight, it is hard to know which weight loss program to choose due to the enormous range of different methods available. The top 10 diets all require one thing however, and that is that you are motivated enough to change your lifestyle and live healthy in order to have a positive impact upon your body and mind. The single biggest key to being successful and losing weight is your determination and mindset, for without these one is unlikely to achieve long term weight loss. With that said, here are the top 10 diets with the highest success rate on the planet…

  1. Weight Watchers – This diet is based on a point system, stay within the allotted points each day and the weight will fall off. The foods are tasty and local meetings and support is available as well as an online Weight Watchers program, a handy tool to use.
  2. Nutrisystem – Prepared meals are delivered to your door in portion controlled packages. Following their plan is simple and works. The foods are delicious and the routine to follow is simple.
  3. South Beach Diet – This diet follows eating lean proteins, good carbohydrates and fats and is known as The Food Lovers Diet. This bestselling book works great and shows results if the plan is followed precisely. There is also an online weight loss program to join with helpful tools.
  4. Fat Loss 4 Idiots – A menu is specifically designed for you based on what you like to eat and will boost your metabolism. By rotating the different types of foods you eat, this diet focuses on maximizing your energy level to its highest potential.
  5. Burn The Fat – Tom Venuto’s fat burning program follows a rigorous daily routine and boosts the metabolism like a rocket. In only 49 days by eating the right foods and working out, the weight will fall off and muscle will take its place.
  6. Diet To Go – A nutritional diet with undeniable delicious foods to lose 2-3 pounds per week. Low fat, Low carb and Vegetarian meals are prepared making losing weight a snap.
  7. Jillian Michaels Diet – Exercise and high metabolism combine with a sensible diet and eating nutritious foods to stay healthy. The results are high impact with great satisfaction in accomplishment.
  8. Sonoma Diet – This diet is done is waves. Wave 1 is losing the weight, Wave 2 is permanently changing eating habits and Wave 3 is weight loss maintenance.
  9. Strip That Fat – A long-term solution that provides meal plans designed for you.
  10. Duke Diet – This diet is based on metabolism and age with a customized fitness routing, diet and strategies to change the way you eat.

These top 10 diets are the crème de la crème to lose the weight, keep the mind and body healthier and vital to living life to its full potential. Changing your eating habits is the first step to boosting your energy levels and retraining your mind to shy away from unhealthy foods and naturally look for nutritional foods will achieve a greater success rate in the long run. These top 10 diets work well and deliver phenomenal results if you stick with it. Within just a few weeks you will see the difference, feel better and your senses will become alive.