My Favourite Weight Loss Food & Meals

weight loss food

Weight loss foods do exist, indeed it is seemingly amazing that some foods help you lose weight by eating that food over another option. These foods are not greasy burgers or made up of anything fried. The rule of thumb in looking for weight loss foods, is the more natural the better.

Food number one is not really food at all, but you do ingest it. Water! Water is an amazing way to stay full and keep hydrated. When you are not properly hydrated, your body may become confused and make you think you’re hungry when you’re not. Water will also keep your body running more smoothly and make flushing out fats occur more easily.

In addition to water, any food containing fiber is golden. Fibrous foods are often low in calories, which are great for those of us on a 1500 calorie diet, and the fiber keeps people full for longer than food without fiber. The same is true for food containing protein. Beans contain both fiber and protein and are a fabulous food to ward off hunger. For a truly filling meal, you could try having some baked beans with turkey slices, and a salad on the side. Also, quinoa is a super-food similar to rice and contains protein. Try some quinoa with black beans and salsa. For an added spark, have some freshly diced avocado on top.

Avocados have received a bit of a bad reputation for being high in fat, but that is not a fair judgement. While avocados are high in fat, they are high in the good types of fat, and still contain fewer calories than an equal amount of cheese. It is said that avocados are soothing to the intestines and they have been known to ward off belly fat. ]

Chia seeds are a great weight loss accessory. These tiny seeds are filled with soluble fiber, and when mixed with moisture, create a gel like substance. You are able to see the soluble fiber (gel) first hand. They can be mixed in with juice, salad, on top of rice dishes or pasta–anything really! They are tasteless, provide a pleasant crunch, plenty of fiber, and even aid in hydration.

Vegetables are also a great weight loss food to add to any diet. Because of the sparse amount of calories and bulky nature, these food are filling but not detrimental to a diet. However, it is important to be cautious of the amount of fat and calories in a dressing. Balsamic vinegar is among one of the safest bets when looking for a salad dressing. Many times it is mixed with oil, but can also be used alone. If using alone, you can infused it with lemon juice and pepper for an extra kick, and to dilute some of the strong vinegar taste. Salads are a great choice of weight loss food when a late night hunger pang strikes.

When at the grocery store shopping for weight loss foods, stay away from dairy, sugary drinks, refined carbohydrates and pastries. Spend most of your time in the produce section and remember to fill up on plenty of fresh vegetables.