Welcome To The 1500 Calorie Diet

In order to lose weight, you don’t need to have a crash diet and starve yourself. With the 1,500 calorie diet you can achieve great results that promote weight loss at a safe speed and you get to eat some delicious foods too. The beauty of the 1,500 calorie diet is that you actually get to eat more times throughout the day. Keeping your metabolism up and giving your body the fuel to get through the day requires more meals than the normal three. With the 1,500 calorie diet you get to eat at least five or six times per day!

With that in mind, you can enjoy your food with this diet and not be frightened to eat carbs or too much. With more regular, smaller meals you are adding consistent amounts of food and that keeps you going for longer. When it comes to exercising, you will notice that your energy levels are higher and you can stay in the ‘zone’ for longer. That’s because you have the fuel that your body needs from high quality food that is a perfect balance of the macronutrients that you need.

If you’re serious about losing weight, then you can achieve your goals much more easily and faster with the help of the 1,500 calorie diet. There are no special requirements, strange ingredients or fasting as with other diets. In fact, you will notice that you feel fuller for longer due to the increase in portions throughout the day.

How the 1500 Calorie Diet Works

In order to have a healthy body you need to fuel it with the right sorts of food and exercise. The 1,500 calorie diet is so versatile and easy to follow that you don’t need to shop at special stores to buy the ingredients. As we are regularly placed in stressful situations that require you to be mentally strong too, you need the right kinds of food to help your organs, brain and body function correctly. Junk food and high-fat items will cloud your judgement and make you feel lethargic. With the 1,500 calorie diet, you’re regularly filling your body with quality foodstuffs and you’ll feel all the better for it.

The best part about the 1,500 calorie diet, or indeed any calorie counting diet, is that you can easily replace items and ingredients on the meal plan to suit your tastes. As you might not like all of the food types on the meal plans, you can switch them to something you do like. As long as you’re sticking to the macronutrient guidelines of 40% protein, 30% carbohydrates and 30% essential fats then you can eat almost anything, but make sure it comes in at around 1,500 calories.

That means you can still opt for a Chinese take-away, but order something like beef chow mein that has good fats, protein and carbohydrates without any bad ingredients. Make sure you eat early enough if you have that for your evening meal. Always try and make your breakfast the largest of the day as you’ve gone the longest without food while you were sleeping, then gradually make the meals and snacks smaller towards the end of the day. This gives you the energy, the boost you need and the right amount of fuel so you can get through the day, exercise and have a clearer mind.

If you love full English breakfasts, then don’t worry. You can have sausages, baked beans and two slices of bread or swap the sausages for lean bacon. Ensure you stock up on vegetables and fruit throughout the day, such as fruit juice, kiwi fruits, grapefruit and add a teaspoon of cinnamon in your diet too as it controls any insulin spikes, which cause you to ‘crash’ after it drops.

Although the 1,500 calorie diet is versatile there are strict rules that you need to keep to. Obviously, you must ensure that you eat healthy foods and not fill up your daily quota with bad food and stop eating once you reach 1,500. You must eat at least five times per day, which means that you have around 300 calories per meal but most snacks will be less than that, so your main meals can be more. The whole ethos of the 1,500 calorie diet is that you have a balanced diet of foods rich in fibre, protein, carbohydrates and essential fats. This means that you can achieve your ideal body weight and look you’re going for. If you add exercise into the regime then the results will be more rapid and you will find that you need to eat five times per day to keep up with your body’s needs.

When it comes to trying to lose weight and feel better about yourself, try the 1,500 calorie diet and see how easy it is to lose weight and achieve the figure you’re after. Just remember that it’s important to lose around 2lbs per week, which is a safe amount to lose each week so this isn’t a fad diet, it’s one that you should stick to for the long-haul.